Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shiva: Sexy, Successful, Sports-star!

NewsNET East profiles another really 'hot' bod: our very own North eastern Gorkha boy, whom all of us in Sikkim, Darjeeling. Shiva is away at Kazakhstan and we hope to read that he's qualified for the Olympics.

The Guwahati-born Shiva is a prototype of a modern youth with a lot of dreams, reflected in his eyes, demeanour and everything he does. So, it is not surprising if he is seen on Facebook or speaks fluent English or gives you a quotable quote from the great Muhammed Ali.

Sport is in his blood and Shiva has banked on it. “My father (Padam Thapa) was a practitioner of martial arts. He put me into boxing and I liked it,” says Shiva, who donned the gloves at the age of seven. Shiva's gloves made so much of an impact within the family that his elder brother Gobind also followed suit and emerged a National-level boxer.

Bowled over by the techniques of Mike Tyson, the 18-year-old thinks that skills and intelligence assume equal importance in a physical sport like boxing.

Training@home in 2010
Shiva, studying in Std. XII, by no means is an ordinary student and does the balancing act well despite going through the rigours of training at the Army Sports Institute (Pune).

Victory at 17 years!

Like every young boxer, he too nourishes hopes of getting an Olympic medal for the country. He lives the dream and it is mirrored even in his favourite pastime: music.
So, if one notices the song ‘We are the champions' on his Facebook profile, one can only reply ‘amen!'
The young and hard-working boxer has achieved a lot and it is imperative that he does not to fritter away all the good work.

Just like Baichung Bhutia, Shiva has become a role model for young people from the North-East... he's a guy wth a hot body and a hot career ahead.
Welcome at Guwahati

Shiva at Nationals in Chennai

Thapa at 2008

with father who was his first coach

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