Friday, 30 March 2012


Richard Jayasekaran commerce student, Bangalore, likes to dress up
 Writes Sanjay Rahul:

 I think that my classmate Richard, who is Sri Lankan and studying commerce in Bangalore is really cool.

I'm sending in these snaps as a birthday surprise for him. Please publish them before 31st March

Well, Sanjay, we're glad to oblige.

Many happy returns of the day to Richard from the HOT BODS gang!

Here he's looking cool and so hot at the same time for a college fashion show.

Pehalwan Passion

Ashutosh Dhar has sent us the following visuals and thoughts- continuing the series of 'wrestlers'. feel free to send us your  photo collections and themes around 'guys, fitness, masculinity' for this space.. the guys who perform traditional Indian-style wrestling are known as 'pehalwans'
Boys have fun and do hard work to build up strength at Guruji's Akhara

In Villages of UP, Haryana teenage boys are encouraged to do wrestling and they like to join army and police force.

This is a photo of a village 'dangal' in which Suresh is taking part. Suresh is a B.Com student.

Another shot of the same fight taking place at village Akhara

Guruji has different formulas of herbs which students mix with milk for strength and so on. This photo has been taken by one foreigner who visited Guruji's akhara last year.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tribute to Khushti

The All India Wrestling Federation has just concluded an All India Wrestling Tournament in Bihar. Newsnet Reader Ashok Kumar has sent us a collection of photographs in tribute to the great art of Khushti [Indian Wrestling].

Vinod Pehewan at Akhara
Ashok writes: I think that the art of Indian wrestling in Akahara is popular.
It is the basic body building thing.

and the winner is....

The akhara is popular also among educated people. And many youths in states. In Delhi also Akhara is popular.
Boys aged 6 to men aged 60 practice Khushti
This is a photo of a very old akhara in Maharashtra

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Malhar Male

This young man was busy fishing when a travelling cameraperson through Muzaffarpur took this photograph.
"I am submitting this photograph because it celebrates honest hard labour that is so necessary to keep the wheels of progress turning," writes the photographer.  We agree. So here's the first 'HOT BOD' on this site.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Hi Guys, and Gals...
Here's the place where we feature all the males with great bodies... [and personalities]. It's a place for those into work-outs and body culture to exchange notes and photographs.
It's also a place for ladies of all ages to visit for a bit of window-shopping.

If you think you're a 'rockstar', a 'gym boi', a 'cool dude', or you just want to show off your abs [and more] feel free to send us a photo and something about you.

Here is a place where we'll also feature our 'pick of the week'.