Saturday, 23 March 2013

Karma's choice: Shillong Boi

The Hot Bod of the week is definitely from Shillong, in the North East of India. He's into gym stuff, loves to spar with his friends, and has the most delicious superstructure.
Bidyashwor Khwairakpam

He's absolutely determined to work out as you can see

And he loves to play, boys...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Introducing: Karma's Choice

From March 2013, HOT BODS will feature our new  presenter, Karma Kamaleon who will write and feature his selection of 'Hot Bods'.
Here is his first post:

Drool-mal off Facebook by Karma-Kamaleon

I've been a scouring the pages of facebook, and am bringing up this week's selection of beautiful bods. If you want to know more about em.. letme give you a hint- this selection is from the guys of Bihar and UP.

Summer Fun

It's those gym vests and wet jeans that make this engineering student hot.....