Friday, 30 March 2012

Pehalwan Passion

Ashutosh Dhar has sent us the following visuals and thoughts- continuing the series of 'wrestlers'. feel free to send us your  photo collections and themes around 'guys, fitness, masculinity' for this space.. the guys who perform traditional Indian-style wrestling are known as 'pehalwans'
Boys have fun and do hard work to build up strength at Guruji's Akhara

In Villages of UP, Haryana teenage boys are encouraged to do wrestling and they like to join army and police force.

This is a photo of a village 'dangal' in which Suresh is taking part. Suresh is a B.Com student.

Another shot of the same fight taking place at village Akhara

Guruji has different formulas of herbs which students mix with milk for strength and so on. This photo has been taken by one foreigner who visited Guruji's akhara last year.

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  1. is this blog only about pahalwani or what?